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Home Cinema Choice review

In the May 2017 edition of Home Cinema Choice magazine Jon Thompson reviews Sync-One2 and awards it 4 stars.

So take a look at page 67 and have a read, the magazine is available in digital and print form and is a great read for the Home Cinema aficionado.

The Sync-One2 is for those who want a perfect AV sync.  It gives you the data to fix (but not cure) a problem you might not have been aware of, and works faultlessly.  There’s nothing more to say!

HCC 4 Stars

We love standards

Standards are great, especially when backed up by a great organisation. 

 InfoComm International® is the trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide.  They publish various standards for systems design, installation, commissioning, and testing for AV systems that are used as the bases for many projects.

One particular standard is the “Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification Guide” that covers AV synchronisation in a couple of the sections, in particular;

Sections “AVP-103 Audio/Video Sync”  & “AP-119 Audio System Latency” deal with measurements (or metrics in standard speak) and the limits for latency errors and broadly how to measure the error.

Unfortunately these state that to measure these things you should use a Dual Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope to do so.  If you haven’t seen one of these, here is a picture of one.  They are exceptionally handy pieces of test equipment, this one is our 4 channel scope,  it is busy decoding a I2C data bus, but that is a story for another day…


Now whilst you can use one of these, and make your own sound and light sensors to take measurements, we believe it’s much easier to simply use a Sync-One2 and have it give you the reading in milliseconds directly off the display.  Especially as ideally you average a number of readings to ensure the system is stable, which a Sync-One2 can do in realtime.

These standards were written back in 2013, before we designed Sync-One2 to solve this exact issue, perhaps they could do with an update…?

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me….

Wow, another year passes by and Sync-One2 is more popular than ever.  It has become the go to tool for accurate measurement of AV synchronisation, winning an Editors Choice award from ProTools Expert along the way.  Various customers now use Sync-One2 as their reference when calibrating systems or testing new hardware and software for products in development.


Sync-One2 has been exhibited at trade shows around the world too, in particular with this impressive trade stand from our reseller HOEI SANGYO Co.,Ltd  in Japan.  

This picture is from the InterBEE show in Japan, but they also exhibited Sync-One2 at the AES Conference in Japan too.

One the last year we have seen Sync-One2 deployed to correctly calibrate the audio and video synchronisation, and to help solve problems in various areas including;  

  • Post Production facilities
  • Broadcast / Cable TV networks
  • TV & Film studios
  • Professional AV installations
  • Home cinema installation and calibration
  • Professional Digital Cinema installation and calibration (your local cinema may have been calibrated with a Sync-One2!)
  • various development projects for new AV, TV, and Streaming technologies

As displays become ever more complex with higher resolutions and greater processing for the likes of HDR, maintaining good AV sync is harder than ever.  Throw into the mix the new audio formats from Dolby and installations are getting ever more complex so being able to quickly and accurately setup the AV sync is more important for installers and end users alike.

Numerous bespoke test files have also been created for customers, so expect a revamp shortly of the test file download section to include more formats and types for use in specific areas.  Some of these downloads will be large, so please use the 7-Zip downloads if your internet connection is slow or limited.  If you need a specific file, then please do get in touch, we can generally create one for you pretty quickly.

We have increased the numbers of resellers around the world to make it easier for customers to purchase Sync-One2.

There are also some interesting developments in the Sync-One2 world in the pipeline too, so check back later for more details…. 

Reviewers go-to reference tool of choice

So you need to review video hardware in a Post Production environment, what tools would you use to definitively measure how good various elements handle sync correctly?  Naturally, you would turn to Sync-One2.

Following on from their review of Sync-One2, the folks over at Pro Tools Expert deploy Sync-One2 as the reference tool to measure differences in performance of Professional hardware used in Post Production.  

Accurate synchronisation of the audio and video is essential in the Post Production world, or everything you watch on TV or in the cinema could be out of sync - and we all know how annoying that would be!

You can see Sync-One2 in action (with video) within the review of the AJA T-Tap video monitor.

Sync-One2 gains an award

The folks at Pro Tools Expert have had a Sync-One2 for review.  These guys are a collection of professionals who work in the Post Production industry, they rely on the accuracy of their systems to create the content you watch every day.

The reviewer, Mike Ainton, a very well respected Dubbing Mixer / Sound Designer and BAFTA member gave Sync-One2 an Editors Choice Award.  


My AJA IOXT with DNXHD36 QT is completely and utterly rock solid and MOJO like in Pro Tools 11.3.1 as demonstrated in the video. This box is stunningly accurate and very easy to use. “The king is dead, long live the king”.

At slightly under £200 exc vat, which considerably cheaper than its predecessor Syncheck3, if you work with picture and sound, this is, pound for pound, probably the most important box you can buy. What’s more, Jeremy the developer is highly supportive and very proactive.

Don’t have one?  Go and buy one now. I am buying one and I am so impressed with Sync-One-2, it gets an Editors Choice award from me.

The full review on the Pro Tools Expert website can be found here.

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