Measurement questions

Q. What type of display does Sync-One2 work with?

A. Sync-One2 will work with any type of display, be that a TV (LED, Plasma) or projection (front or rear) and at any resolution.  When being used with a front projector in a bright environment it may be necessary to put Sync-One2 into the projector beam.  When using a projector Sync-One2 is the only real way to ensure the video is in sync with the audio.

As the display and audio technologies move to every more complex and higher resolution systems, the processing delays will cause AV sync issues.  Sync-One2 will work with all the technologies out there now, and onwards into the future.

Q. You mention self-calibration, what does that mean?

A. The unit when powered up and when going back into measurement mode from the menus it will perform a calibration.  This only takes a few seconds and is used to make things easier.  The unit determines the ambient light level which can also normally remove any flicker from lighting from interfering with the readings.  On the audio side the gain of the microphone is adjusted to reduce the ambient noise to a level that does not interfere with the readings.  This is why it’s always best to have the unit in the measurement position when turning on or going back into measurement mode.

In addition to the calibration, both the light and audio sensors have adjustable trigger levels to alter their sensitivity, by default they are the most sensitive but can be turned down as needed using the respective option within the menus if the local environment requires it.

All these details are in the full user manual, which can be downloaded from the Support page.

Q. By accurate, how accurate do you mean?

A. As an indication, internally Sync-One2 is very accurate.  For example, if you used a camera flash light and measure the time between the flash and the sound of the flash discharging (by putting the Sync-One2 against the body of the flash to ‘hear’ it discharge) the reading would be 0.05ms, this is the minimum resolution between two triggers measurable by Sync-One2.  Within the unit readings are taken and used down to 100’s of milliseconds.  All statistical calculations are also based on these readings, the display is simply rounded to the nearest millisecond or 1/100th of a frame.

Q. I think my Sync-One2 isn’t detecting signals as it should, what could be wrong?

A. The majority of such issues are not having Sync-One2 in the measurement position during calibration, or having a test file playing past the lead in time.  Detection will only happen if the beep and flash are louder and brighter than the levels detected during the calibration.

From serial number A00500 onwards Sync-One2 the self calibration increases the sensitivity of the microphone to help in some situations.  If your are performing testing in a very quiet environment and believe there are issues with detecting the audio (you can check using the Detection Test in the menus) you may need to adjust the audio trigger level in the menus.  This setting is stored in flash memory so is sticky between uses of Sync-One2.

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