The user manual for Sync-One2 is available in .PDF format here (opens in a new window), or download the manual by right clicking and choosing save as.  Sync-One2 comes with a 1 year warranty. 

There are a number of test files available for download to use with Sync-One2.  For home cinema we recommend the AV Sync tests within the Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark 2nd Edition Blu-Ray (also available in the online store), just ensure you measure the top or bottom flash bar when running the tests and to let Sync-One2 calibrate with the test paused.

For a generic quick test, there is a test file available on YouTube by clicking here (opens a new window), by clicking on the embedded video below, or a downloadable version of the file is available here (right click and Save As).  The test file is 1080p at 24 frames/second using the H.264 Codec with a 10 second lead in, followed by a synchronised flash and beep every 2 seconds and lasts for 60 seconds in total.  

A wider selection of test files, in a variety of resolutions, frame rates, and codecs are available for download from the Test Files page.

A general FAQ over Sync-One2 and synchronisation in general can be found here.  

If you have a query over Sync-One2, please e-mail or complete the form below.

Suggestions for any special, additional features, or tweaks are welcome too, as is any feedback on Sync-One2 in general.

The CE Declaration of conformity can be downloaded by clicking here (opens in a new window).

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