As the display and audio technologies move to every more complex and higher resolution systems (4K, UHD, HDR, Dolby ATMOS etc.), the processing requirements will cause AV sync issues.  Each component or firmware update will alter the AV sync in a system, and everyone knows how annoying it is when the LipSync is out, Sync-One2 is the most accurate way to check a system is in sync.

Sync-One2 has the following core features to help make the task easier, quicker, and more accurate;

  • Easy one handed operation, systems can be checked in a couple of minutes
  • Works with any resolution or type of display, so is 4K / UHD / HDR ready, fine with LCD, OLED, Plasma, Projectors etc.
  • Measurement of audio visual delay up to ±750 milliseconds (or 2/3 of a second)
  • Self calibrating to help reduce false readings from ambient light and noise
  • Output in milliseconds and also, if required, in frames to an accuracy of 1/100th of frame for any rate input between 1 and 99 (readings over 10 frames are displayed to 1/10th of a frame)
  • Real time output in milliseconds / frames, a rolling real time average can also be displayed in milliseconds or frames
  • Easy to read 16x2 OLED display with a wide viewing angle
  • Large number display option for easy reading when taking measurements
  • Buffer of the most recent 60 readings, with statistical analysis including average and span in milliseconds and also in frames if required.  Individual readings can also be removed from the buffer as required
  • User adjustable offset can be applied to readings, up to ±99 milliseconds and if a frame rate is selected also in frames
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels for audio and video, default is the most sensitive setting with four lower settings available for each
  • Detection test for setup assistance when testing, shows when audio and/or video input is triggered 
  • Speaker distance input for correction of readings in large spaces, such as lecture theatres, up to 20m (65’ 7”) 
  • Easy to use menus to set the various options and functions
  • Settings and options stored in flash memory so retained even if the batteries are removed, memory buffer is cleared at shutdown
  • Runs on common AA (LR6) batteries, including rechargeables
  • Low battery indication, with automatic shutdown if they get too low
  • Adjustable inactivity shutdown from to 1 to 60 minutes, which can also be disabled if required