About Us

Sync-One2 is designed and built in Cambridge, UK by Jeremy Curtis of Harkwood Services Ltd.  Jeremy is an independent AV/IT consultant and Chartered IT Professional, he found the need for a device to measure the AV synchronisation during acceptance testing of professional AV installations and in digital cinema environments.  

Unable to find an affordable product to cater for all his requirements he decided to develop one in-house.  After successfully using a version within numerous projects, combined with some curious questions from people wondering what was going on, in late 2013 he decided to make Sync-One2 available to others.

Additional features were added by request to include those needed for post production / video editing, to create a single product to cater for a broader range of users at an affordable price.  

The units went on sale in early 2014 and are in now in use in 100’s of locations around the world from installers, product development & research labs, TV broadcast, Filming, Post Production, Digital Cinemas, home cinema users, Media Centre development & installation, Cable TV companies, and multi national companies.

Now checking a space or system can be done in a couple of minutes, required adjustments can be input directly without the need to waste time in trying numerous settings trying to find the right audio delay.

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