• Work in Post Production, need to ensure your workspace / DAW is correctly setup?
  • Work in ProAV and want a quick, easy, and accurate way to check spaces are in sync?
  • Lip-Sync problems in a Digital Cinema / Home Theatre?

Then Sync-One2®  is the tool you need.

Sync-One2 measures audio visual (or lip-sync) delays / errors to help you make the correct adjustments to ensure everything remains in sync, without wasting time guessing.  Trying to check any system manually is always prone to error, as it relies on the subjective view of the person doing the testing.  

Sync-One2 takes away the guessing by accurately measuring the time span between an audio beep and video flash (e.g. a 2-pop / flash frame or similar), giving the length of the delay and if the audio leads or lags with reference to the video.  With this reading you can simply set the audio delay in an AV amp or audio delay unit or adjust your digital workflow package.  No guessing, no time wasted, Sync-One2 makes it easy.

Having a system in good sync helps to mitigate potential content sync errors,  streaming or satellite content providers are known to suffer from poor sync.  The overall system will be able to tolerate a larger error in the content if the base system is known to be in sync to start with.

Sync-One2 displays the error in milliseconds (1/1000th of a second), and in frames too if you needed, all in real time so it becomes easy to make suitable adjustments.  Statistics are also calculated on the most recent 60 readings taken to help check overall system stability or drift.  More details on the features and specifications pages.  A full user manual can be downloaded from the support page too.

Hey, I can get App for this? Well, you can, it depends on how much you care about accuracy, ease of use, actual system stability, well the list goes on…  Read about their inaccuracies & inherent problems in the FAQ.

Sync-One2 is quick, easy, accurate, and an essential tool for Post Production houses, professional Audio Visual installers, Digital Cinema installation / calibration, and those who would like the ideal setup of a home cinema and theatre environments.  

If you calibrate your video and audio systems, do you actually ensure they are in sync with each other? 

Why guess that a system is in sync when with a Sync-One2 you can know it actually is.

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